Urban Dead

A Massively Multi-Player
Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse

1,681,796 dead and rising

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Latest News - 27th May 2021

  • Urban Dead will be offline for several hours later today, while the server is relocated to a deeper and darker basement.



"I Looted Caiger Mall and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt", game logo shirts, mugs, mouse-mats, "Mrh?" badges, and the rest.

Follow the muzak.

In death, the city stirs. Its borders still locked down after a sudden government quarantine a decade ago, Malton's trapped civilians make their way through the derelict buildings, surviving the changing seasons to rebuild their fragmented society from the rubble upwards. Military cleanup squads patrol the empty streets, stationed in the city for the long haul, while embedded scientific groups continue the experiments that brought them here.

And the dead rise up and thrive, trailing through the ruined streets of the city, milling between buildings and clawing through makeshift barricades and diversions, reclaiming the city as their own.

Urban Dead is a free-to-play browser-based multi-player game where you play the survivor or victim of a zombie outbreak in a quarantined city centre, alongside thousands of others.

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