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Welcome to Malton! All you need to do to join the action is to choose a name and class for your character. You can either take the role of a survivor of the quarantine, scavenging a living in the ruined city, or you can play one of dead residents, rising to reclaim their former home.

Character Name:
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Class: Military: Private. Starts with basic firearms training, a pistol and spare ammunition.
Medic. Starts with first-aid training, a medical kit and a pistol.
Scout. Can move between adjacent buildings without stopping outside. Carries a flare gun and binoculars.
Science: NecroTech Lab Assistant. Starts with a DNA Extractor, and is able to recognise NecroTech laboratories from the street.
Doctor. Can diagnose others' injuries, and carries two first-aid kits.
Civilian: Police officer. Starts with basic firearms training, a pistol, a flak jacket and a radio.
Firefighter. Starts with a fire axe and a radio, and axe-handling training.
Consumer. Knows where specific stores are, when looting malls. Carries a random improvised weapon and a phone.

Corpse. Rigor mortis has given you stronger attacks. By starting the game as a zombie, you'll start off more effective in combat than survivors who become zombies later in the game.

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(If you already have another character in the game, or intend to play alongside friends or colleagues
who share a computer network with you, please read the rules on multiple characters before continuing.)