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Urban Dead is accepting donations from its players as a means to support the maintenance and upgrading of the game server, and to keep it responsive and alive. These small gestures of generosity allow everyone to play the game for free.

For players in the United Kingdom, the United States and any other country outside of the EU, a payment of $5 (US dollars) will allow a player to have a character of their choice made immune from the 160-hits-per-day IP limit (although they'll still only have 50 Action Points, and each individual character has a personal 300-hit limit). Payments greater than $5 will allow multiple characters to become unlocked, at a rate of $5 per character.

Number of characters:
Names of all those characters:

To send a donation (by PayPal or credit/debit card), just use the form above, specifying the characters (yours or those of your friends) that you want to see unlocked.

Note: From the 1st of January 2015 players in European Union member states (excluding the UK) will no longer be eligible for donation rewards, as these count as "digital services" and fall under new "VATMOSS" EU tax laws which have no lower limit on business size and are impractical for a website making only a handful of sales in the EU each year. EU players are welcome to donate as a gesture of support by attaching a note to that effect on a donation, but I'm afraid we can't give back anything other than thanks in return.

Please make sure you specify the correct characters with your payment; this cannot be altered if you change your mind. Also only specify the characters you are paying to unlock - if you specify more characters than are covered by your payment, they'll just be processed in the order you listed them and excess characters will be ignored. Payments of less than five dollars will just be taken as general goodwill donations.

And to state the obvious: paying to unlock a character doesn't mean that it'll get any extra lenience if that character is banned or otherwise punished for abusing the game.

Payments are processed manually - you'll be sent an email when they've been applied. This could take anywhere between a few hours and three or four days.

If you unlock a character in the permadeath cities of Monroeville or Borehamwood, the unlock flag can be shifted to a character in Malton at any time.

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