Madmonkey24 - Level 1 Zombie

Class:Zombie A distinguished looking fellow with a lengthy beard, and pronounced resemblance to Lenin. He carries a copy of the Communist Manifesto under his right arm, and kills zombies with his left.

Wearing: a torn and blood-soaked dark blue balaclava, a torn and blood-flecked pale blue long-sleeved shirt, a torn and blood-flecked police jacket, a blood-flecked pair of dark blue trousers and a blood-soaked pair of black boots

XP:114 Group:Communist Party of Malton
Joined:2006-11-01 22:28:43 Skills:
                    • Shopping (Player may choose which stores to loot, when searching a mall.)
                                Died:8 times
                                First died:unknown
                                Web page:[concealed until Level 5]

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