Ulysses 31 - Level 13 Civilian

Class:Civilian A luxuriant mane of auburn hair, a full beard, blue eyes and teeth that would dazzle a Bee-Gee.

Ulysses is brave, noble, determined, and will stop at nothing to defeat the Gods and the conditions imposed upon himself and his companions.

Wearing: a cracked and blood-smeared fireman's helmet and a blood-soaked firefighter's jacket

XP:15 Group:none
Joined:2013-03-21 21:42:35 Skills:
  • Basic Firearms Training (Player gets +25% to hit with all firearms attacks.)
    • Pistol Training (An extra +25% to hit with a pistol.)
      • Advanced Pistol Training (An extra +10% to hit.)
    • Shotgun Training (An extra +25% to hit with a shotgun.)
      • Advanced Shotgun Training (An extra +10% to hit.)
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (+15% to melee attacks.)
      • Axe Proficiency (An extra +15% when attacking with an axe.)
    • Free Running (Can move between adjacent buildings without stepping outside.)
      • NecroTech Employment (Player is able to operate DNA Extractors, and can identify NecroTech offices from the street.)
        • Lab Experience (Can recognise and operate basic-level NecroTech equipment.)
              • Body Building (Player has a maximum of 60 Hit Points instead of 50.)
                  • Radio Operation (Player is able to broadcast within the restricted 26.00-28.00 MHz range.)

                    • Scent Fear (Survivors with less than 25HP are shown as 'wounded', less than 13HP are 'dying'. Both are asterisked on the map.)

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